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Stefanplast is a company that cares about the well-being of dogs and cats. Since its creation in 1964, Stefanplast has been manufacturing robust and quality products for dogs and cats. The company's products are made from high quality materials and are designed to withstand the rigors of everyday use. Stefanplast's products are also safe for pets, as they are made without harmful chemicals or toxins. Stefanplast provides a variety of products for pets, including beds, bowls, feeders, toys, and more.

SKU: 37950

Toilet training tray for puppies and small dogs with removable pee post, Stefanplast


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This beautiful Stefanplast trainer tray for dogs of all ages is durable and easy to clean. This contains a rigid base where you place an absorbent mat (not included). Afterwards, you just have to place the mesh over the carpet, which will leave your pet’s paws dry and without footprints on the ground. Finally, all you have to do is close the tray securely using the two tabs on each side and position the post in the center of the Puppy Training Set.

Dimensions of the board:
Length: 59cm (23.2”)
Width: 39cm (15.3”)
Thickness: 5cm (2”)

Post size:
Height: 17cm (6.7”)
Width: 3.2cm (1.3”)
Thickness: 2cm (0.8”)

Absorbent mat not included

Additional information

Weight0.1063 kg
Dimensions10 × 63 × 47 cm
Code barre620626379504, 8003507988002


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