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With claw scissors for dogs and cats, pet owners never don't have to worry about the discomfort of holding large metal shears or the safety issues that traditional clippers can pose. These scissor-shaped nail clippers feature strong, sharp blades, designed to tackle thick coats, and provide a comfortable grip, ensuring a secure, slip-free hold. Additionally, scissor clippers come in several different sizes, making it easy to fit any size hand. So while grooming your beloved pet may take a little longer because some areas need more attention than others, it can be done safely and allows pet owners to comfortably handle their furry friends while they're trimmed for style.

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Wahl small animal nail clippers



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Wahl small animal scissor claw clipper

Small stainless steel scissors for cutting the claws of small dogs, small cats or other small animals

The color of the scissor claw cutter is sold randomly.



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1 review for Coupe-griffes pour chien, chat et petits animaux, wahl

  1. France


    Ce coupe griffe est génial. Facile à utiliser, il est léger, très maniable. J’adore et mon chaton aussi.

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