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The cat, a fascinating animal. Nowadays, more and more people have pets in their homes. In fact, cats keep us company and live with us every day, so they become members of the family. There are different types of pets, but the most common in our homes are cats. The latter are very present in homes, cats have a special character and know how to be useful.

Use products that are perfect for cats

The cat's diet
The cat is considered to be a carnivorous animal, that is, its diet is based on the consumption of meat. In the wild, cats are a hunter and feed on small prey whose flesh is rich in protein and other elements that help keep their diet balanced. For domestic cats, it is important to be able to reproduce this balance. For this, you can on the one hand simply buy cat food in stores or on the other hand, you can cook up the food yourself for your cats, but you will have to take into account all the elements that go into the richness of its food.

Anecdotes about cats
There are over 70 cat breeds recognized by breed registries around the world, including the American Cat Lovers Association (CFA), which is the largest in the world.If your cat cries at night, you you are not alone. Cats get loud for different reasons at different stages of their lives. Kittens often like to play at night. While adopting two kittens together is a great idea (and recommended for your overall health and well-being), their late-breaking fights can keep you from getting a good night's sleep. When your cat matures, he might want to hunt. Some cats become particularly vocal when they are on the prowl. Often cats feel the urge to hunt in the evening, and a midnight hunt for an insect, reptile, or rodent (depending on your location) can mean a rude awakening when your cat howls in frustration or exaltation.

The feline, the cat is part of the family
For a long time, the cat has been an integral part of the family home. On the other hand, the cat or kittens need love and care. Here is a list of the types of products that are often necessary for a better quality of life for your cats: cat food , canned or dry. Products for his health, such as anti fleas for cats , for the good be and comfort of felines. To call or reward your cats, a little cat treat will please him. If you are traveling, it would be useful to purchase a travel cage for cats when traveling. At home, it is strongly recommended to have a cat litter on each floor of the house and ensure that the bins are always clean. Without forgetting the visits to the veterinarian, a cat transport bag is very useful during the trip . These famous cats like to have a small bed or cushion to take a nap. When traveling over a longer period, there are drinkers and gravity bowl to feed your cats over a long period of time. To distract your cats and kittens, a cat tree is really practical for them to do their claws. Finally, if your cat goes outside, make sure he is an detachable cat collar for its safety, to prevent your cats from getting stuck.

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