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Puppy and Dog Food

The dog foods are numerous and diverse. So, to be able to feed your dog well , it is important to know what  type of food  is best for him. What are the different products sold and their benefits? Discover in this article the answers to this question.

Dog maintenance

The dogs are the best companions for their masters and do not need much space to be high and maintained. Their food needs differ according to their race , their nature , their origin , their skin and coat ... Similarly, they need regular health monitoring in order to be in good health . Indeed, dogs , whatever their breed, should benefit from dental care at the veterinarian from time to time and a balanced diet adapted to their age and category.

The different types of dog food

There are several ways to feed your dog effectively. Thus, for a better diet of dogs, it is necessary to take into consideration not only the breed, but above all, the way of life and if necessary the physiology. Dog food can be household or industrial.

Household food

Household or traditional food is that made at home especially for dogs with fresh products such as vegetables or meat. However, eating at home has nothing in common with leftover meals.

The freshness of the products used in the household ration promotes palatability in dogs. Likewise, it can be varied and personalized in order to meet the nutritional needs of each breed of dog.

Industrial food

Industrial food brings together products specifically sold for dogs, in particular kibble, dehydrated food, pâtés ... Industrial products have the advantage of being balanced. Likewise, a good quality industrial product is much easier to digest than some traditional products. It comes in the form of dry foods, wet foods and semi-wet foods.

In addition, on the instructions of the veterinarian, other types of food are possible for the well-being of the dogs. Indeed, there is a diet with special objectives intended for the growth of puppies like puppy food / kitten milk; a diet suitable for dogs generally suffering from heart disease and a Premium diet very rich in protein.

However, in order to identify the correct diet for a dog it is essential to take it to a veterinarian to keep it light / dog weight control.

The different products sold for dogs

The products sold are very appetizing for dogs and help to solve the problem of difficult joints in dogs . Thus, in addition to feeding them, these products participate in their sanitary maintenance. We note as products sold : 

Hurraw brand products

The foods dehydrated without grains for dogs of Hurraw brand are good quality in terms of ingredients and manufacturing temperature. These products are suitable for dogs with digestive / sensitive stomach problems since they help to regulate digestive disorders .

Comfort care products and Hill's products

 Formulas care comfort for small dogs Royal Canine and Hill's of Science Diet are respectively dry foods and cakes to solve problems stress in some dogs.

The croquettes and the pâtés

The products sold for dogs such as nuggets and mash save preparation time and are especially easy to store. They are also available in several ranges , both for puppies and for senior dogs ... Industrial products are made up of energy nutrients .

In short, there are different food products for dogs and puppies . Each type of food should be carefully chosen for the health and growth of dogs .

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