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One of the most important tools for grooming dogs and cats is a brush or a shedding comb. Brushing their coat regularly not only helps them look their best, but also keeps their skin healthy. Indeed, brushing removes dirt, debris, tangles and dead hair before they irritate the skin or affect the health of the coat. Also, although the amount of hair shed by dogs and cats varies depending on breed or coat type, regular brushing of excess hair helps tremendously in managing the amount of hair that builds up in the House. Additionally, there are several types of shedding brushes for dogs and cats today that make it easier to properly groom your pet. The bristle brushes with stainless steel bristles get deep into thick hairs, while the bristle brushes with dense bristles are great for detangling carpets and removing debris. Whichever tool you choose to groom your dog or cat will not only help give him smoother fur, but also improve his overall health.

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Shedding brush for small long-haired dogs, FURminator


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This grooming shedding brush for small long-haired dogs is effective and safe for your pet’s skin. She has the protective sides so as not to scratch her skin. It is curved to fit your dog’s body shapes, making grooming a pleasure.

Its handle is ergonomic for more comfort. It has a button that allows you to easily detach the hair from the teeth. It helps to smooth, detangle and shine the coat.

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Weight0.25 kg
Dimensions16 × 8 × 26 cm
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