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Grain-free dehydrated raw food is a great option for those looking for a healthy and nutritious way to feed their dog. This type of food is slowly dehydrated at low temperatures, which preserves the nutrients. It's also easy to digest, making it perfect for dogs with sensitive stomachs. Besides being healthy, raw dehydrated dog food is also very tasty! The dehydrated food without cereals for dogs is an excellent way to provide your dog with the nutrition he needs while giving him a delicious meal he'll love.

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Hurraw GRAIN FREE dehydrated raw fish food for dogs

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Hurraw grain-free dehydrated raw dog food with fish is made from 100% human consumption ingredients in Quebec, it is slowly dehydrated at low temperature using an exclusive process that preserves the original nutrients. Thus, the result is a highly nutritious grain-free raw fish food whose daily ration to be given is lower than extruded and cooked foods.






White fish, lentils, carrots, apples, sunflower oil, seaweed, apple cider vinegar, pumpkin, cranberries, spinach, calcium, ginger, turmeric, phosphorus, vitamin E.

Protein: 33%
Fat: 16%
fibers; 3%
Humidity: 8%
470 calories per 100 gram cup

Suggested Feeding Guide

Dog weight 6 kg (12 lbs)
Daily ration 50gr (1/2 cup)

Dog weight 12kg (25lbs)
Daily ration 100gr (1 cup)

Dog weight 20 kg (44lbs)
Daily ration 150gr (1 1/2 cups)

Dog weight 26kg (57lbs)
Daily ration 200gr (2 cups)

Dog weight 35kg (77lbs)
Daily ration 250gr (2 1/2 cups)

Dog weight 44kg (97lbs)
Daily ration 300gr (3 cups)

Dog weight 55kg (121lbs)
Daily ration 350gr (3 1/2 cups)

The transition is instantaneous from raw food to grain-free pork. No need to mix with current food. The presence of loose stools is usually a sign that your dog is eating too much. Slightly reduce its daily ration. Your dog may still be hungry at first since he eats less than he is used to, it may take some time for his stomach to adjust.

After the adjustment period, your dog may leave food in his bowl because he doesn’t need as much food as before. Smaller daily rations also mean less stool at the end of the day. The Pork Grain Free Dehydrated Raw Dog Food Feeding Guide should be used as a starting point. Increase or decrease the ration depending on your dog’s weight loss or gain.

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