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The treat dispenser for dogs is a toy really loved by dogs. This toy is used to insert treats into the dispenser and when your dog plays with it, he collects the treats that come out of the holes in the toy. The dog treat dispenser is a lot of fun as they have to solve the mystery of where the treats come out. The Dog Treat Dispenser is a great way to show your pets a little extra love while they work towards their rewards. This toy is sure to keep your pets happy and busy!

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SKU: Jouet pour chiens, os Play strong, Spot

Dog toy, Play strong bone, Spot

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This dog toy from Spot is a very durable red rubber bone that your dog can chew on at will, in which you can insert treats, peanut butter or other foams.

This treat-dispensing toy floats and is perfect for fetch play.

Formats available:

S= bone 4.5″

M= bone 5.5″

L= bone 6.5″

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