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The muzzle is a very important object for the safety of the dog, because it prevents him from biting. It is also very important for the master's safety, as it allows him to breathe well while avoiding bites. The muzzle is therefore a very useful tool for dogs and their master. Perfect against bite and safety for the dog and his master.

SKU: Muselière panier pour chiens en plastique

Plastic dog basket muzzle

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The plastic basket muzzle for your dog is adjustable. The muzzle is a good protection against bites from your companion, safety must be the main concern of all dogs whether they are angels or not! The muzzle for your dog is lightweight in design and gives full protection, extremely strong, durable and attaches with a secure clip behind the head.

It is suitable for most dog breeds. This muzzle still allows him to pant without restriction. The muzzle is comfortable in hot weather and washes easily.

Available in multiple sizes

XXS = size 1 Thumbnail
XS = size 2 Small
XS+ = size 3 Bichon
S = size 4 jack russell
S+ = size 5 Cocker Spaniel
M = size 6 Beagle
M+ = size 7 Labrador
L = size 8 German Shepherd

Breeds are for reference only.

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2 reviews for Muselière panier pour chien en plastique

  1. Yves Comeau

    Très durable

    J’ai cette muselière depuis longtemps et elle est toujours intacte. Très solide et super facile à laver et sécher. Mon chien n’a pas eu de difficulté à s’habituer. Elle semble bien confortable.

  2. Nathan Savoie

    It is safe

    I have this muzzle and it is strong and easy to wash. My dog does not seem to be uncomfortable because we take a long walk. The only negative point is its color, it could be better.

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