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A dog harness should fit properly over the dog's body, but without being too tight, there are a multitude of dog harnesses available, just choose the one that best fits the dog and the situation when walking with our dog. The Non-Pull dog harness helps control the dog's walking speed, because when it starts pulling, the dog harness squeezes on its chest and lifts his front legs causing it to lose contact with the ground.

Non-Pull dog harness

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Non-Pull Dog Harness helps prevent pulling, easy to put on and take off, comfortable.

The concept of this Non-Pull dog harness is the principle of tightening the harness at chest level when he wants to pull by walking too fast. this function serves to dissuade the dog from pulling, because when the harness tightens the traction is distributed over the whole body and by the same fact makes it lose contact with the ground at the level of the front legs, so the dog must return to walking .

To put the harness on the dog, put the harness by the head by sliding it down, then thread the front legs into the side straps, then slide the lock located at the back to adjust the harness.

The straps of the Non-Pull harness passing under the legs are padded with sherpa for better comfort and to protect against friction. The elastic straps and the mesh net cover the chest of the animal, allowing it a great freedom of movement.

The dog harness straps at shoulder level are adjustable.

Harness size

S =
Neck 22 to 36 cm or 8.5 to 14 inches
Chest 33 to 45 cm or 13 to 17.7 inches
(Border terrier, Jack Russel / Terrier, Toy Poodle)

M =
Neck 34 to 50 cm or 13.5 to 19.5 inches
Chest 45 to 60 cm or 17.7 to 23.6
(Retriever, Border Collie)

L =
Neck 46 to 62 cm or 18 to 24 inches
55 to 80 cm or 21.7 to 31.5 cm
(Ridgeback, Danish, Rottweiler)
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