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A cat litter scoop is a device used to remove cat feces from a litter box. The most common type of cat litter scoop is a small, hand-held scoop with a sieve-like bottom that allows the litter to fall while retaining the excrement. There are also larger, claw-like shovels that can be used to remove large amounts of droppings at once. Models vary for both cat shovels and dog shovels, but the general principle is the same: avoid injury while picking up your pet's waste. The dog poop scoop is designed to have a wider opening and longer handle to avoid contact with feces, and the cat litter scoop is designed to be smaller and easier to maneuver in a bin to litter. Whether you have a cat or a dog, there is a poop shovel that will suit you perfectly.

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Petmate 18" Large Cat Litter Scoop



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A very large and very sturdy Petmate cat litter scoop with ergonomic grab handle. Random colors.


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Weight0.25 kg
Dimensions10 × 48 × 18 cm
Code barre029695229725


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