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The Assist Harness is an essential accessory for any dog ​​owner. Whether you have an older dog that needs help getting around or a younger dog recovering from surgery or an injury, the Assist Harness can make your life easier. The harness wraps around the dog's chest and back and has a handle you can grab onto to lift the dog. The advantage of the lifting harness is that it takes all the weight off your arms and back, so you don't have to worry about hurting yourself when lifting your dog. The Assist Harness is also adjustable, allowing you to find the perfect size for your dog. Whether you need extra help lifting your dog or just want to make sure you don't hurt your back, the assistance harness is the ideal solution.

SKU: Harnais soulèvement avant et arrière Petsafe

Front and rear dog lifting harness, Petsafe


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PetSafe lifting and front and rear lifting harness to improve mobility when moving the dog dog.

Perfect for helping senior dogs on the go
For dogs recovering from surgery or injury
For dogs with disabilities or reduced mobility
Those who are hurt

This front and rear lifting harness has the function of accompanying dogs during their travels such as going up or down stairs, entering the vehicle or other, going to needs, going out.

Front and rear lifting and lifting slings can also be used for rehabilitation after injury or surgery.


– Robust
– Lifting handle
– Supports the waist
– Chest support
– Lifting leash
– Supports the hips (mesh lining for better comfort)
– Special panel for male (removed for female)

Weight 35 – 70 lbs (16 -32 Kg)
Chest 24-33 inches (61-84cm)
Hip 19 – 31 inches (48-79 cm)

Weight 70 – 130 lbs (32 -59 Kg)
Chest 31-46 inches (79-117cm)
Hip 27 – 37 inches (68-94 cm)

Additional information

Dimensions62366 cm
Code barre891293000835


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