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This curved slicker brush with long, soft metal pins to gently and thoroughly groom the coat as it removes undercoat and detangles the coat.

SKU: Brosse courbée étrille longue souple Wahl

Wahl long soft curved currycomb brush

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This curved slicker brush with long, soft pins is a high-end professional grade brush from Wahl Company. The soft pins of the curved brush allow you to remove dead undercoat while detangling your pet’s coat. – Offered in 2 sizes, the curved brush with stainless steel and soft pins. – Lightweight with non-slip surface – Easy grip with reinforced handle – Tested by Canadian professional groomers

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Pied de pageUne Brosse Wahl haut de gamme testée par les professionnels du toilettage, brosse courbée aux tiges de métal souple et longue pour un entretien efficace de pelage.


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